Welcome to Infinibots! Quite simply, we teach people (mostly kids) STEM, coding, and engineering skills. We do this using fun tools like LEGO MINDSTORMS, Arduino, Scratch, and more.

Essential Information

We provide instruction through camps, after school programs and community clubs. We coach some of the most successful competitive robotics teams in Florida!


Robotics and coding are the careers of the future. We provide programs geared to all ages to help build a solid foundation of skills and enable people to learn through fun, hands-on activities with robotics, simple electronics and construction toys, and more.

Latest News

Our Origin Story

Coach Shaw has been teaching after school programs, community clubs, summer camps and leading competitive robotics teams since 2007 when he helped mentor his daughter’s Girl Scout Robotics Team, the Robochicks. Since then, he has enabled learning, strengthened teamwork skills, and fostered creativity in over 1,000 students around Tampa Bay. Today, Coach Shaw leads numerous …


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